Financial Review Committee

  1. Review chapter budget and expenditures and justify need to request a Grant from CSR
  2. Review chapter books each quarter for consistency and irregularities
  3. Prepare an annual budget each year, or for a 3 year option for chapter expenditures to be presented to chapter members at the December meeting for approval
  4. Complete a review for chapters books at the end of each year and verify by signature on report for headquarters
  5. Review and discuss irregularities as presented from HQ audit and follow up on corrections
  6. Follow up and investigate any complaints filed by chapter members with regards to expenditures and budget

MEMBERS: Steve Haley, Chair; Sharon Hatch, Delma Stone and Marva Roddy


  1. Review membership data information provided by Headquarters for accuracy and corrections needed
  2. Contact Headquarters with all corrections and monitor
  3. Contact members for recruitment and retention
  4. Conduct recruitment efforts within chapter area
  5. Participate in Headquarters recruitment programs

MEMBERS: CHAIR:  Vacant,  Nellie Sayer, Pearl Pacheco

Political Action (PAC)–

  1. Work with CSR PAC Representative for District G
  2. Shall assist CSR PAC committee with candidate interviews
  3. Make recommendations on political endorsements to the CSR PAC Committee
  4. Make regular office visits to legislators in our area presenting the issues for State Retirees and importance of their support
  5. Report to members on a regular basis and bring their ideas back to CSR PAC Committee through the District PAC Representative

MEMBERS: CO-CHAIRS:  Laurianne Bella, Steve Haley

San Diego County – Gloria Koch, Elaine-Edwards Yaharus, Angie Osuna, Patricia Oneill
Imperial Valley – Elizabeth Gonzalez, Mariaelena Rodriguez, Ray Vialpando, Manuel Abundis