Diane Whorton - President

President – Diane Whorton

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Steve Haley - Vice President

Vice President – Steve Haley

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Gloria Koch - Secretary

Secretary – Gloria Koch

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Mark Flahan - Treasurer

Treasurer – Mark Flahan

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Diane was born and raised in San Diego growing up wit 3 siblings and grandparents. She has 2 grown children who live in San Diego and 1 granddaughter living in Washington State and she spends time caring for her 95 year old mother.After retiring in December 2008 after 38 years with the State she started her own business to satisfy her desire to renovate houses. Her family background and upbringing brought the desire and talent to make this happen. The focus of NuStart Green Homes, is to renovate with GREEN products, bring properties from being distressed to healthy and environmentally friendly and placing them back in the market for home buyers. She has always had the desire to do this and retirement seemed like the appropriate time to use her skills and talents to make it happen.In the mean time she is keeping very busy with California State Retirees to make sure our retirement benefits are not taken away from us and people realize we are not abusing the system. What we worked to get is what we receive. Public perception is critical to making sure legislation is passed to keep our retirement safe.

Diane is the newspaper editor, and seems to have been appointed “mother hen” of the chapter.

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Steve has been a long term employee with Department of Corrections working at various institutions around the state. He was an instructor in Auto body and repair. He retired from Donovan here in San Diego in 2009 after 35 years of service.Steve has been an active Job Steward, Chief Steward, DLC President and on Union leave as a Labor Representative when San Diego area was without staff. Steve continues to do representation today for employees at Donovan who need his services.He has served as delegate to 10 CSEA General Councils representing members of CSEA Civil Service Division, SEIU and Retirees.

In his spare time, and personal life, Steve lives with his wife Lezley, has fun with his adult children and his grandchildren, runs his own auto body business, and participates in race car events – Yep – sure does. Works with Jimmy Johnson and his crew with Nascar, Thunderboats and whatever else strikes his fancy.

One thing is for sure – when he says he’s dedicated he means it.

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Gloria retired in 2010 after 25 years with the state, retiring from Caltrans in San Diego. She was born and raised in Santiago Chile, has two sons, 6 grandsons and provides home care for her mother. She loves to travel, and be with family.Gloria has always been very active in fighting to retain our benefits and believes that we need to be working with the Private Sector to help them gain benefits like we are fortunate to have. She feels that union clout has been lost and needs to be regained to establish more respect for the working class.Gloria is a welcome breath of fresh air and has taken on the duties of Secretary for the chapter.

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Mark recently retired from teaching at San Diego State University after 39 years as the University’s Diving and Boating Safety Officer/Adjunct Faculty. He has a Master’s degree in Marine Biology and is currently working on a M.S. in Homeland Security at SDSU. He has been married to Sandy for 28 years and has one son.He is involved in the Cal South District 1 Soccer Association: The official Youth and Adult State Soccer Association for Southern California and sits as commissioner since 2009. He has also been USSF referee since 1997 and is a former Cal South player. Mark is also part of the recreational and scientific diving communities elected to the International Board of the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide) for several terms including 2009 to present.Mark is busy in the community serving on a number of industry boards and committees including: American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), International Conference on Underwater Education, California Advisory Committee on Scientific and Technical Diving, and San Diego Diving Instructors Association Member of the San Diego County Diving Accident Investigation Committee.

He’s a busy boy and still has time for California State Retirees stating legislation and retirements benefits are the focus.

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