California State Retirees (CSR)


“Protect the pension and health benefits of all retired state employees”


California State Retirees are the largest retiree organization in California with over 30,000 members. We are former active state employees, from all employee groups, working for the State of California; including California State Universities, rank and file, supervision, exempt, health & safety, law enforcement, fire, engineering, and many more.


In 1927 California State Employees and Retirees joined forces and began the fight for a retirement system. On June 9, 1931 the bill was signed into law and the retirement system was born; California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS). With the effort of many became the creation of the Retirement System and many benefits for active and retired state workers including cost-of-living increases, supplemental payments for those whose pensions have lost more than 25 percent of purchasing power, increased health benefits, dental benefits and long term care.

We continue to:

  1. Advocate for current and future retirees and member benefits with the California Legislature, CalPERS, Department of Human Resources and other entities.
  2. Fight to protect our benefits as dollars become scarce and inflation continues to rise
  3. Appear before CalPERS to fight for improvements in health benefits and stop abuse of increases by medical providers
  4. Develop legislation to maintain and improve benefits for state workers and retirees
  5. Do Public Service in our local communities
  • Support in fighting to maintain our health benefits without takeaways
  • Support in keeping our retirement compensation in tact
  • Support of legislation to increase benefits and help sustain livable standards for retirees
  • Support in changing public perception of state workers

Latest Article

Chapter Meeting April 6, 2017

by Diane on March 21, 2017

NEWSLETTER:  Vol 2017 Issue 2 March-April 2017

April 6, 2017 Chapter Meeting:


CalPERS – What to do in the event of the Death of the Member or Beneficiary

The discussion would be most valuable if attendees reviewed their retirement election form so they know his/her retirement option and beneficiary or beneficiaries. If a retiree doesn’t have this information he/she may go on line by accessing MYCALPERS at CalPERS.CA.GOV or call (888) 225-7377.

WHERE:   Sizzler Restaurant – 3755 Murphy Canyon Rd., San Diego.  Doors open at 10:30 am.  Parking in the back. Salad Bar free to members


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