SPECIAL MEETING – September 19th, 2018




A SPECIAL MEETING will be held on September 19th at the Sizzler Restaurant, 3755 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA.   Lunch will start at 11 am – special meeting at 12:00 pm.

Chapter 17 is in need of additional delegates for Delegate Assembly on October 22nd & 23rd in Sacramento.  It is important the chapter membership is appropriately represented.

Registration and committee meetings will be on Monday, October 22nd, Delegate Assembly will be Tuesday, October 23rd.  All expenses will be paid.  An advance check will be sent to cover airfare and meals.  Delegates will be funded to fly up on Sunday the 21st.  Hotel billing will be sent directly to CSR.  (A deposit will be required from member at check in).

Please consider representing Chapter 17 at Delegate Assembly.  A nomination form is attached.  It must be completed and returned to President, Elaine Edwards Yahraus before or during September 19th meeting either by mail, email or in person so it can be voted on at the meeting.

You must be an Active member to be elected.  Associates may not run for any office.


OCTOBER 4th – CHAPTER PICNIC – Admiral Baker Field.  (FLYER attached).  A mini meeting will be held prior to enjoying a barbecue picnic.  Food will be provided along with water.  Bring your own drinks if you want something else.  If you wish to share a dish with others it will be appreciated but not required.

See you there

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